Invitation & Challenge to Disciple



  1. Get to know you: Can use Solarium, life updates, highlights and lowlights from the past week, etc.


  1. Why are we here tonight? What are we all about? What’s the purpose?

    1. The Gospel: It’s all about Jesus. Not what we can do for Him, but being in awe of what He has done for us.
    2. Discipleship
      1. What do you think the word “disciple” means? Learner (apprentice).
        1. Scripture points us to become lifelong learners of Jesus
      2. What are discipleship groups?
        1. A small group of guys/girls who want to be learners together
        2. Language Creates culture: this is a discipleship group - more serious and intimate than a bible study

        3. This group will be both Organized (our meeting time) & Organic (life on life)
  2. Jesus Model
    1. Where did this plan of discipleship groups come from? It’s the Jesus Model for ministry
      1. In less than three years Jesus was able to disciple a group of unlikely men and taught them to DO and BE like Him in a way that, when released, they would change the course of human history forever. Jesus created a discipleship culture where there was an appropriate mix of invitation and challenge in the way they related to Him. He drew His disciples closer, loved them, but also gave them the opportunity to accept the responsibilities of discipleship.
      2. Jesus’ model of discipleship was life on life but not everyone got equal access to him. He chose a team of twelve men, but within that team he offered a deeper level of intimacy to Peter, James, and John.
      3. Jesus calls every disciple to disciple others. (Matthew 28:18-20)
  3. Practically, I want this group to be a place where you grow to become more like Christ and grow in your relationship with him, with the end goal and expectation that one day you might lead a group like this. In short, I want to help you become a disciple of Jesus, who makes disciples who makes disciples!


Triangle for Up In and Out

  1. Our group will focus on three key components of discipleship, which Jesus modeled during his time on earth.
    1. UP: Growing in your relationship with God
    2. IN: Growing in our relationships with each other
    3. OUT: Growing in Christ-like character and reaching out to others



Now Live it!
04: Lead a Group Discipleship Experience

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